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Etiquette Then and Now

Etiquette Then and Now

First Impressions Etiquette and Charm School ("First Impressions Etiquette”) is a Christian based program offering workshops and coaching in civility (good behavior, treating others fairly and social protocol) to both male and female youth (ages 7 to 12), teens (ages 13 to 17), and adults (ages 18 and up). First Impressions Etiquette course programs provide coaching in everyday manners, table manners/dining etiquette, business etiquette and effective communication, just to name a few. 

Our coaching is based on the teachings [principles] of Emily Post Institute. Upon the publication of her first book “Etiquette” in 1922, she became known as the “Mother of Etiquette.” Since her death in 1960 her plight to promote etiquette and civility in America and around the world has continued through the direction of her grandchildren. 

Our structured course programs meet once a week for two hours for a duration of six to eight weeks depending on selected course track. Workshops are one to two hours in duration.  Standard workshops and presentations are a minimum time of 2 hours. Cotillion preperation services are timed to desired need.

"With the many beneficial opportunities to connect with others and for individuals to find a voice comes the responsibility to do so civilly...Civility and courtesy, honesty and respect are the outward expressions of human decency and qualities that are more important than ever in today’s complex and wired world." 

`Emilt Post

The Owner

Kimberly, Founder & CEO

Kimberly E. Leary-Gilchrist is the Founder and CEO of “First Impressions Etiquette and Charm School.” She is a college graduate receiving her degrees from the University of Maryland. She has worked as a legal professional for over 25 years in the area of Communication Regulatory Compliance.

Kimberly’s interest in charm and etiquette began over 30 years ago. Her paternal grandmother was very instrumental in her decision to pursue this dream. When Kimberly was just seven years old her mom enrolled her in a charm school at the local Sears and Roebucks Co. in Washington, DC (The Sears Discovery Charm School). 

​Kimberly’s etiquette and charm school training more than adequately prepared her with the experience for her upcoming debutante’s cotillion. Her adult experience includes a number of years coordinating weddings and other social events, as well as working as a youth mentor.

​Kimberly is passionate about our youth and encourages them to be passionate about themselves and the images they portray. She believes etiquette training provides the essential elements for the development of a positive self-image. Ladies should carry themselves as ladies and young men should always be gentlemen. 

How We Do What We Do

Our Objective

To empower the youth, teens and mature females and males through the enhancement of day-to-day protocol and social etiquette, whereby refining civility in ladies and gentlemen.

Our Mission


To promote the personal and social development of ladies and gentlemen through the use of good manners, proper etiquette and social protocol.



Small Business Award (Collective Empowerment Group, Inc.)

Legacy Award "Power Couple of The Year" (Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network, "EPNET")